Xiaomi Enchen Sharp 3 Electric Hair Trimmer Hair clipper

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Xiaomi Enchen Sharp 3S Hair Clipper

Professional shaver

The Xiaomi Enchen Sharp 3S Hair Clipper is a professional clipper equipped with a powerful 7,300 rpm motor. The device effortlessly shaves soft and stiff hair thanks to its sharp blades. The blades have a high wear resistance and remain sharp for a long time, even after prolonged use.

With the Xiaomi Enchen Sharp 3S Clipper, you will enjoy an extremely smooth shaving experience thanks to the intelligent ESM system. This also ensures that the hair does not get clogged in the clippers. The ESM maintains a high speed when the battery is low so the shave can always be completed. This makes the Enchen 3S Clippers also used by professional hairdressers!

Effective and comfortable

The parts of the headpiece that touch the skin are rounded to ensure safety and comfort. This way you can use the Enchen 3S for the whole family, for young and old! The Xiaomi Enchen Sharp 3S Clipper is easily adjustable to provide a length of haircut from 1 to 20 mm. The attachment is simply pushed in to adjust the length. This eliminates the need to purchase different attachments. The setting is lockable so you do not have to constantly press the on/off button. The Enchen 3S has a fine anti-grip handle for prolonged use.

The device features a powerful 600mAh battery that powers the fully charged shaver for over 120 minutes. This equates to approximately four shaves on just one charge. The indicator light clearly displays the battery level. The battery is then recharged at lightning speed thanks to the Fast Charge option. The USB cable allows the device to plug into computers, powerbanks and other USB chargers. The Enchen 3S comes with two attachments and a removable head for easy cleaning.

    • Featured with powerful 300 motor with a power of 7,000 rpm
    • Strong blades with high wear resistance
    • Comfortable shaving experience thanks to the rounded corners
    • Easy to adjust shave length from 1 to 20 mm
    • 120 shaving time with the 600mAh cartridge
    • Quickly recharged