Tic Tac Saunf Flavour Mouth Freshner 7.2gm

Tic Tac’s snazzy flip-top pack jazzes-up a boring day with your gang of buddies staying true to its core idea of “Refreshment to be shared”. It’s unique rattle sound and playful little pills help shake-up your day and bring a smile to your face.
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Product Details:
Brand: Tic Tac
Product Type: Mouth Freshener/ Candy
Net Weight: 7.2gm
Product from: India

• An international cool youth icon that comes in its unique shape in the famous flip-flop box.
• Transforms from mint to a playful toy in your mouth.
• Only Tic Tac lets you customize your experience, swirl one or many pellets around in your mouth, chew them, rattle them against your teeth, or simply let them melt.
• The portable pack with its resealable flip flop opening ensures Tic Tacs are fresh hygienic, thus making it the ideal mint to share enjoy anywhere at any time.
• Available in a variety of flavours to choose from.