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Microlab - M-200BT(09)

Beautifully designed 2.1 speaker system with powerful sound.Power your multimedia player with this system and listen to clear sound. Comes with two stereo satellites for highs and mids sound reproduction.Ultra-low frequency subwoofer with bass reflex tunnel for deeper sound and bass effects.This platinum version features beautifully crafted subwoofer cabinet and acrylic satellite speakers.Ideal for music appreciation and entertainment. Connects easily to your media player via universal 3.5 mm stereo plug.Features wired remote control for quick master volume control, and interfaces for audio input and headphones connections.
BDT 3,450 BDT 3,200


Microlab - M-200BT Platinum

Beautifully designed 2.1 speaker system, capable of producing clear sound and deeper bass. Music with uncolored sound, and movies with vocal depth and powerful sound effects. Designed with exquisite chrome and wood finishes, this system fits perfectly in your living room, study room or even your bedroom. Bass reflex port provides deeper bass effects. Ideal for digital movies, TV, PC/notebook, CD/DVD and multimedia application. Side control panel lets you access easily and quickly. Wired remote control is built with NFC function, volume adjustment and output port for headphone.
BDT 5,500 BDT 5,050


Microlab - M-223

Designed with beautiful finishes, the 2.1 subwoofer system also performed with deep bass and dynamic movements. Ideal for digital movies, TV, and multimedia application. Specially designed satellites with excellent acoustics and richness.
BDT 3,400


Microlab - M-300

As a powerful 2.1 multimedia speaker system, M300 is a great product for most of your listening needs. With built-in amplifier, it shows strong bass and brings you music experience with better sound and effects. Having specially angled satellite for optimum listening and stands for firm support and minimum noise, the system is capable of offering you full audio range playback. Constructed with black finish and proper size, it is ideal for match with your living room, study room or even bedroom.
BDT 3,300


Microlab - M-660BT

Compact and delicate 2.1 Bluetooth 4.2speaker with amazing sound. Subwoofer cabinet is designed with double cavities for outstanding bass. The bass reflex tunnel with glossy metallic trim strip looks fancy and enhances bass effects. Two exquisite satellites reproduce highs and mids sound with quality tweeters. Its slope design improves the sound transmission to ears. With M-660 BT, you could have a pleasant day watching movies at home or reading at the study room. It's your perfect choice for wireless home entertainment.
BDT 4,600


Microlab - M-FC 730

Microlab premier range, the FC series is based on the FINE CONE designed by Acoustic expert, Peter Larsen. This design follows strict discipline in speaker designs to achieve perfect linear frequency response curve. Ideal home theater system in all natural wood finish. Uncolored audio, precise position, and high resolution with Microlab own eAirbass technology. - Powerful 5.1 surround subwoofer system with full range acoustic production and cabinet satellites - eAirbass design, Microlab own proprietory technology - Bass with natural depth and range - 6.5" woofer system for deep vocal and bass effects. All magnetically shielded - Designed by Denmark acoustic expert, Peter Larsen V12 FineCone technology with perfect linear response - Individual amplifier unit with full front controls and includes wireless remote control
BDT 12,600 BDT 10,400


Microlab - ML-M106

Quality 2.1 speaker featuring freely streams your music with any music enabled devices. It’s equipped with amplifier for large output power, which contributes to powerful acoustic performance. Bass reflex tunnel brings stunning bass sound effects. You could freely enjoy the blockbuster movies and music without cumbersome cables at home. MICROLAB M106, 2.1 SUBWOOFER SPEAKER, 3″ X 2 + 4″, 2.5W X 2 + 5W = 10W RMS, BLACK.
BDT 2,150


Microlab - ML-T10

Powerful 2.1 speaker system brings high quality gaming experience. Bluetooth ® technology for wireless sound entertainment. Three frequency drivers for full range audio sound performances. Equiped with wired remote control for quick control. Cool blue LED lights bring visually striking entertainment. When you wanna go to bed, you can switch off the lights with remote control or dim the lights with bass knob on the back of woofer. Humanization design gives you comfortable experience. Feel every explosion, crash, or kick with the dedicated subwoofer. Perfect for any sound enjoyment especially for games. Begin your game party with T10!
BDT 7,850 BDT 6,999


Microlab B77BT Multimedia Speaker 2.0, Wooden Color

B77 BT is an elegant stereo Bluetooth speaker system for your bookshelf entertainment. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology brings high quality music streaming. The exquisite design of wooden side panel and leather covered in the middle fits perfectly into your modern home environment. Besides, its delicate workmanship features the seamless finishes and good texture. The 4" woofer and 0.75" tweeter provides outstanding acoustic performance. You can enjoy the dynamic and crystal clear sound in your personal space, like living room, study room or bedroom. It's the best choice to set your soul free without any disturbance.
BDT 7,150


Microlab Bottlewine Multimedia Speaker 2.1 (Black)

Bottlewine is an artistic 2.1 multimedia speaker ideal for wireless entertainment. With Bottlewine playing the music, just prepare a bottle of wine and take a sip for a body and soul relaxation. Rather than a pure speaker system, it's an exquisite artwork to your home decor. Featured by Bluetooth 4.0, Bottlewine enables music streaming from Bluetooth enabled devices. Built-in high quality amplifier provides powerful drive for uncolored sound reproduction. The sleek bottle designed satellite with LED light on the top creates the romantic atmosphere. With full range audio performance, Bottlewine brings you a breathtaking feast of music.
BDT 6,700 BDT 5,550


Microlab Micmusic Multimedia Speaker 2.1 (Black)

Micmusic is a fascinating 2.1 multimedia speaker system with wireless streaming technology. The old fashioned design of microphone prototype brings you back to the music hall era in the past. Wherever Micmusic is located, the sense of nostalgia fills in the whole room. With Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, it's able to stream music from smart phones, tablets and other digital devices. The unique cabinet design of subwoofer is optimal for deep bass production. Featuring powerful bass and clear highs, Micmusic is ideal for home entertainment with wireless fun.
BDT 4,500 BDT 3,850


Microlab SOLO19

SOLO19 is a three-way HiFi speaker system with fascinating finishes. This new SOLO series is ideal for quality wireless streaming with Bluetooth technology and high fidelity stereo sound. The slope design of front panel makes sound deliver directly to one's ears. The 6.5" woofer, 4” midrange driver and 1.5" tweeter bring full spectrum performance with powerful bass and uncolored sound. The fine wooden cabinet under glossy covering guarantees the sturdy audio handling and minimum distortion. The uniquely designed LFE output for your X-bass experience by connecting a subwoofer turning your stereo system into 2.1 system.The astounding audio performance is mostly perfect for your home entertainment.
BDT 21,300


Microlab SOLO9C 2.0 Speaker

High fidelity tower stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab special care and audio expertise, this series is ideal for most living room setups. Listen to crystal clear and dynamic music with this stereo pair and witness the quality in its audio drivers. High resolution and near perfect performances, simply stunning audio production quality. Stereo pair with high quality 3-way speakers that reproduces near perfect sound. Wooden cabinets for solid audio handling, and minimum distortion. Powerful sharp cone dispersion design on woofer for perfect audio experience. Comes with HDMI, Optical TOSLINK and Coaxial connections for digital inputs. Side panel controls for quick easy access. Infrared remote control for convenient adjustments.
BDT 25,000


Microlab - ML-M300U

As a powerful 2.1 multimedia speaker system, M300U is a great product for most of your listening needs. Designed with built-in FM tuner and USB/SD Card Slots for instant digital music playback, the system is ideal for your various music appreciation from SD memory storage cards and USB flash dongles, and brings radio enjoyment for you with built-in FM tuner. Constructed with black finish and proper size, it is ideal for match with your living room, study room or bedroom. And with USB/SD card playback function, it is of great convenience and flexibility for you to use it anywhere you want. Simply insert the source into the system and the system will play music files automatically.
BDT 3,800


Motorola Sonic Maxx 810

Portable yet powerful party speaker with light system.
BDT 20,999


Perfect D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0

Perfect D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0
BDT 380