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Microlab - M-590

Elegant and powerful 2.1 subwoofer system with depth and full range audio performances. Deep bass subwoofer and crystal clear satellites in carefully designed cabinets. Front panel with individual bass, treble and master volume controls. Comes with bass reflex tunnel for efficient subwoofer performances. Made with quality sound handling materials for superb sound handling characteristics
BDT 3,050


Microlab SOLO19

SOLO19 is a three-way HiFi speaker system with fascinating finishes. This new SOLO series is ideal for quality wireless streaming with Bluetooth technology and high fidelity stereo sound. The slope design of front panel makes sound deliver directly to one's ears. The 6.5" woofer, 4” midrange driver and 1.5" tweeter bring full spectrum performance with powerful bass and uncolored sound. The fine wooden cabinet under glossy covering guarantees the sturdy audio handling and minimum distortion. The uniquely designed LFE output for your X-bass experience by connecting a subwoofer turning your stereo system into 2.1 system.The astounding audio performance is mostly perfect for your home entertainment.
BDT 21,300


Microlab SOLO9C 2.0 Speaker

High fidelity tower stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab special care and audio expertise, this series is ideal for most living room setups. Listen to crystal clear and dynamic music with this stereo pair and witness the quality in its audio drivers. High resolution and near perfect performances, simply stunning audio production quality. Stereo pair with high quality 3-way speakers that reproduces near perfect sound. Wooden cabinets for solid audio handling, and minimum distortion. Powerful sharp cone dispersion design on woofer for perfect audio experience. Comes with HDMI, Optical TOSLINK and Coaxial connections for digital inputs. Side panel controls for quick easy access. Infrared remote control for convenient adjustments.
BDT 24,750


Microlab TMN1 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Microlab TMN1, Type - 2:1, Channel - 2, RMS/Channel (Watt) - 9, RMS/Subwoofer (Watt) - 14, Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) - 70dB, Frequency (Hz - KHz) - 35Hz-20KHz.
BDT 4,800


Microlab TMN1 4.1 Multimedia Speaker

Powerful 4.1 subwoofer speaker system for movies and music entertainment. Designed for deep bass and dynamic full range performances, carefully constructed wooden cabinets. Satellites with perfect clarity and resolutions. Microlab premium speaker drivers for professional clear acoustic with near perfect audio production. Side control panel for easy access with individual bass and master volume controls.
BDT 6,350


Motorola Sonic Maxx 810

Portable yet powerful party speaker with light system.
BDT 20,999


Perfect D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0

Perfect D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0
BDT 380


Redner Couloir RS7923 - 3.1 Multimedia Speaker

Product Code: RS7923
BDT 10,000


HAVIT SK590 2:1 Multi & Bluetooth Function AC Power SPEAKER

Type – Multi-Function Speaker with Bluetooth
BDT 2,050 BDT 1,740


Havit SK202 RGB Gaming USB Speaker

2.0 electronic sports speakers, designed for gamers | Dynamic RGB lights, cooler to play games | Elevation angle design makes sound propagation direction closer to the position of ear | 3.5MM stereo audio input | Long wire control, practical, and easy to operate.
BDT 1,100


Microlab M100

Quality 2.1 subwoofer system | Ideal for digital multimedia such as movies, TV, CD/DVD and Mp3/Mp4 playbacks | Microlab M series, your ultimate introduction to serious music entertainment | Side volume control for easy adjustment and volumes | Crystal clear satellites for dynamic audio movements |
BDT 2,500



Output power(rms): 5W+3WΓ—2) | Bt version: V5.0 | Output power(rms): 5W+3W*2 | Speaker: 3"+2"*2 | Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz | Power supply: USB Powered 5V | Subwoofer size: W99*D126*H150mm | Satellite size: W67*D65*H87mm | Plug: USB+3.5MM |
BDT 1,500 BDT 1,165



RMS: 120W | Subwoofer: RMS55W | Satellites: RMS13WX5 | External Function: USB/SD, FM, Remote, Bluetooth |
BDT 15,000 BDT 12,500

Golden Field

GOLDEN FIELD U-20M BT Multimedia Speaker

RMS 52W, 28W+12Wx2 | With USB/SD/FM & Remote, Bluetooth |
BDT 4,200

Golden Field

Fantech GS201 Hellscream USB Wired Mini Subwoofer Speaker Black

Model: Fantech GS201 Hellscream. Interface: USB Plug / 3.5mm Plug. Frequency Range: 40Hz-20KHz. Power Output: 3W x 2 (Max).
BDT 850 BDT 750