Reusable Hot or Cold Gel Pack

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Reusable Hot or Cold Gel Pack

Whether used as a hand warmer for your pocket on a cold winter day, or a bit of warm compression for an overworked, sore muscle, our Hot Cold Packs provide fast, convenient warmth after only seconds in the microwave

Stuff an ice-cold gel pack in a lunch box to keep food fresh and cool all day. They make great freezer packs for lunch bags and boxes, as well as coolers when out on a trip to the beach or a weekend in the woods. Throw several frozen packs in the cooler, and away you go! No more messy ice cubes.


  • Much like Katy Perry’s hit song, these gel packs are Hot N Cold.
  • Which is perfect if you happen to take a fall as hard as Katy Perry’s career in 2017.
  • Just make sure there’s a Witness to help with the application.
  • Urban and rural delivery options available.
  • Pack Type: Single
  • Item Warranty: No
  • What’s in the box: Hot or Cold Gel Pack

Reusable Hot or Cold Gel Pack 2