>13mm Large Specially-Enhanced Dynamic Driver.

>Titanium-dome Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Latest Bluetooth V5.3 Connectivity.

>Compatible with both iOS & Android devices.

>Tuned in line with Moondrop’s VDSF Target.

>Wide-Band ANC Support.

>Special Transparency Mode.

>55ms Low-Latency Game Mose, Music/Game Dual Mode.

>Three-Level Bass Tuning.

>Custom Touch Operation.

>Extensive Integration With Moondrop Link Application.

>Unique Space Travel Theme Design

>Ergonomic and comfortable Design.

>Mitsuki Yuki Voice.

>Battery Life of up to 12hours(with charging case).

Explore high-resolution audio performance in TWS form with the all-new Moondrop Space Travel. This is a brand-new pair of Bluetooth TWS with support for the latest generation V5.3 connectivity. The pair houses a large 13mm dynamic driver unit with an enhanced Titanium Dome composite diaphragm. Moondrop Space Travel has a low-latency gaming mode which makes it easier to use for movies and games. You also get strong ANC blocking the external noises clearly.

Space Fantasy Theme Design:-

Moondrop has designed and named the Space Travel TWS on the Space Fantasy Theme design. The set features an eye-catchy design based on the dreams of millions of people wishing to Space Travel and journey to the stars.

Enhanced Dynamic Driver With Titanium Dome Composite Diaphragm:-

Mopondrop has equipped the Space Travel TWS with a large 13mm enhanced dynamic driver unit. The driver adopts a high-quality Titanium dome composite flexible suspension diaphragm, it offers excellent treble extensions with fine details and aa solid bass response with less distortion.

Advanced Bluetooth V5.3 Connectivity Offering Stable Connection:-

Moondrop Space Travel adopts the latest-generation high-performance Bluetooth chipset that enables the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity with the pair. It supports lag-free performance with a stable connection with the source device.

Selectable Low-Latency Gaming Mode/Music Mode:-

Space Travel features two different operating modes, low-latency gaming mode which is suitable for movies and games and offers a fast 55ms signal latency. The TWS also has a dedicated Music mode suitable for listening to crisp high-resolution music.

Make the Environment Disappear With ANC Support:-

Indulge yourself in good music with Moondrop Space Travel. The TWS supports ANC with up to 35dB of noise isolation when turned on. It also features a transparency mode that is specially tuned for the vocal band between the 200-1000Hz region. When it is activated, users can enjoy clear conversations without interference from the surroundings.

Simply Touch Controls:-

Moondrop Space Travel has easy-to-use simple touch functionality. It allows for audio playback controls, call answer/hangup controls, ANC On/OFF/Transparency mode control, and even helps in switches between the Music and Game-mode Operation.

Three-Level Bass Tuning:-

Using the Moondrop Link application on your smartphone, you can easily adjust the three-level bass tunings on Space Travel. It has three different settings, Monitor, Reference, and Basshead.