Johnson's Baby Soap 50 gm (Buy 3 Get 1)

Johnson's Baby Soap 50 gm (Buy 3 Get 1)
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Product Description:

A new born’s skin comes with a natural protective coating of moisturizing oils that cover their skin's outer layer. Wash away that oil and you might leave their tender skin vulnerable to dryness, irritation and rashes. For your baby’s soft skin, trust JOHNSON'S Baby Soap for the best care of your little one’s delicate skin.

• Specially made for babies, enriched with 1/4th moisturizing baby lotion & Vitamin E
• Helps preserve the moisture and keeps the baby’s skin soft.
• Helps retain essential protective layers, thus it's a safe soap for baby.
• Comes with a rich creamy lather that gently cleanses and helps maintain healthy skin.
• Rinses easily!
• Comes with Triple Baby Protection.
• No parabens & SLS, No Alcohol used.

How to Use:
• With warm water and a soothing touch. bath time is a wonderful time to bond with your baby!
• The JOHNSON'S® Baby Soap bar cleanses gently, so you can use it anytime you bathe your baby.
• Lather soap on your hand and then gently apply on baby's skin.
• Rinse off.
• Dry and snuggle.

Product Details:
Brand: Johnson's
Product Type: Baby Soap
Net Weight: 50gm
Product From: India