Harpic Flushmatic Marine In-Cistern Flushmatic 50 gm X 1

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Introducing Harpic Flushmatic Marine In Cistern 50gm - the smart and efficient way to maintain a clean and hygienic toilet. This innovative product is designed to be placed inside the cistern, automatically releasing cleaning agents with every flush, ensuring continuous freshness and cleanliness.

With its 50gm size, Harpic Flushmatic Marine provides long-lasting cleaning power, reducing the need for frequent manual cleaning. Its unique formula helps prevent limescale build-up, stains, and germs, keeping your toilet bowl pristine and free from odors.

By using Harpic Flushmatic Marine In Cistern, you can enjoy the convenience of an effortlessly clean toilet and a pleasant marine fragrance with every flush.

Upgrade your toilet maintenance with Harpic Flushmatic Marine In Cistern 50gm, and experience a refreshing and hassle-free approach to toilet care. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and embrace the ease and effectiveness of this innovative product, ensuring your toilet remains fresh and hygienic for a long time.

Title:Harpic Flushmatic Marine In Cistern 50gm Γ— 1
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom (UK)
Pack Size1 Pcs
Product Weight50 gm
Item FormSolid
TypeToilet Cleaner
Item code3209101
ManufacturerDettol Bangladesh
Expire Date AvailableYes