Dettol Handwash 200 ml Pump Original

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Introducing Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Original - your convenient and hygienic handwashing solution with the classic and trusted Dettol Original formula. This handwash comes in a convenient pump bottle, making it easy to dispense the right amount of product for each use.

With its 200ml size, Dettol Handwash Pump Original offers sufficient product to keep your hands clean and fresh for an extended period.

The Original formula effectively kills germs and bacteria while providing a thorough and gentle cleansing for your hands.

Upgrade your hand hygiene routine with Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Original and experience the satisfaction of a clean and germ-free handwashing experience with the familiar Dettol scent. Trust in Dettol's expertise to provide you with a reliable and trusted handwash that promotes good hand hygiene and health. Enjoy the convenience of the pump bottle, making it easier to dispense the handwash and maintain personal hygiene. With the classic Dettol formula, you can confidently keep your hands clean and protected against harmful germs throughout the day. Start your day with the reliable and effective handwashing experience of Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Original.

Title:Dettol Handwash 200ml Pump Original
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom (UK)
Volume200 ml
Made fromLiquid
Item code3199294
ManufacturerReckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Limited
Expire Date AvailableYes