Cadbury Happy Birthday Chocoalte Gift Pack 132gm

Organize a surprise birthday party with Cadbury’s birthday celebrations box. This box is filled with your favorite assorted bars of Cadbury chocolates to make your event special. Just one bite of rich, smooth & creamy classic milk chocolate will give you more joy in every bite.
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Product Details:
Brand: Cadbury
Product Category: Chocolate Gift Box
Weight: 132gm
Product From: India

•  Cadbury Happy Birthday Gift Package includes 20 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk 6.6gm
•  Rich, smooth and creamy classic milk chocolate which gives you more joy in every bite
•  Perfect for snacking & storing in the fridge, or for gifting & sharing on special occasions like birthdays and get-togethers.
•  Every bar is made from 100% sustainable cocoa.
•  Suitable for vegetarians.